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Brianna & Aaron Evans

Brianna and Aaron are newlyweds living in Birmingham, Alabama with their pup pup poodle named Bucky. Brianna has years of experience in the photography industry working behind the scenes for many amazing photographers. She has worked as designer, retoucher and studio manager to name a few of the hats that she's worn.


Aaron is the business and marketing brains of the duo. With 10 years of military service under his belt (and still counting), Aaron is an expert in knowing how to make a plan and strategically execute that plan to get to the main goal. For us, that main goal is AMAZING IMAGES that you can look at and enjoy for many years to come.

Both Brianna and Aaron have a deep passion for animals of all kinds. After losing their labradoodle, Bailey, at the end of 2016, they began to realize the importance of capturing the spirit, love, and enthusiasm of the sweet furry friends that we call family. Bailey was a goofy boy and always had his family laughing at his clumsiness and demanding presence. The photo above is a picture of sweet Bailey. This photo is beautiful and is the only image of Bailey that Brianna and Aaron have to cherish. They will love this photo forever, but it doesn't truly capture the personality of their big Bailey Boy.


Their mission with Shutter Paws is to help families realize the importance of capturing those sweet fur friends with lasting memories and beautiful images to always remember their beloved fluffy pawed family members.